Previous Editions

5th Edition (2014)
ISBN 978-1-9277795-28-6

7th Edition (2014)
ISBN 978-1-927795-29-3

Features and Updates from earlier editions:

  • The Biology 11 Study Guide divides the BC Biology Curriculum into 10 units of study and the Biology 12 Curriculum into 11 units
  • Both study guides have 142 pages and are fully reformatted
  • There is some new and/or revised content as well as some new and revised diagrams and artwork
  • The range of questions has been expanded:
    • Each book contains hundreds of study questions (Check Your Understanding, and Multiple Choice) and others suitable for assignments (Discussion and Build Your Understanding)
    • Both study guides contain a complete set of answers to the study questions they contain
    • Answers to Discussion Questions and Build Your Understanding Questions are available FREE to teachers (see ordering information)
  • Each study guide contains a complete glossary defining and describing the usage of hundreds of terms. These terms appear in bold in the text of the study guide.
  • Special Feature of the Biology 11 Study Guide = Taxonomic Guide providing an organization and description of all the organisms mentioned in the study guide
  • Special Feature of the Biology 12 Study Guide = Codon Chart (required to answer some of the questions in the DNA Unit)

3rd Edition (2011)
ISBN 978-0-9811373-1-5

5th Edition (2010)
ISBN 978-0-9811373-0-8