Biology 11

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ISBN 978-1-927795-04-0

Biology 11 Study Guide — BC Curriculum 

The Biology 11 Study Guide includes the following units:

Seedless Plants
Seed-Producing Plants
Lower Invertebrates
Higher Invertebrates

This Study Guide addresses all the required learning outcomes of the BC Biology 11 curriculum. The enhanced version, designed for use with Apple devices, contains interactive features in addition to those included in the standard version.

The enhanced edition is best viewed with iBooks version 3.0.1 or newer on iOS 5 or newer;
use iBooks in fullscreen mode to optimize viewing of interactive features.

Description and Interactive Features

  • Hundreds of biological terms in the study guide are linked to a complete Glossary included in the book
  • Biological names are linked to a useful Taxonomic Guide also included in the book
  • Double-tapping the diagrams will display fullscreen views
  • Many diagrams in the enhanced version have quiz-view formats
  • Most units include questions to test your knowledge of diagrams
  • Sets of Concept Check-up Questions dispersed in the units are linked to their answers
  • Sets of Discussion Questions designed to challenge you as you work through the unit
  • Each unit contains a concluding set of Check Your Understanding of Concepts multiple choice questions linked to their answers
  • Each unit contains a set of Build Your Understanding Questions designed to push you beyond the limitations of the unit.

Note: Discussion Questions and Build Your Understanding questions
are not linked to their answers.